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As you venture deep into horse racing, you will understand how professional and real the game gets! Indeed, this is one of the toughest sports in the world. If you choose to stay at the surface, by placing bets on random horses and waiting for them to win – your odds of a payout are remarkably low.

That is why you need to build a strategy and get closer to the game. Understanding how the race begins and ends plays a crucial role in your success quotient. Also, there are many ground conditions to be analyzed before you make that choice. So, how does the game work? How can you boost your odds of success? If these are questions in your mind, sit back, relax and start reading!

Best Horse Racing Tipsters
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Tipster platform that gives out free racing tips to everyone. They also have paid services and other free racing services.
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Here are some of the town’s most excellent tips on picking the best horse for your bet.

The primary attributes!

When it comes to choosing a horse, you have multiple factors to consider. The winning horse of every race depends on the following attributes:

  1. The actual going of the horse
  2. The distance to be covered
  3. The pedigree used
  4. The connections and they are very crucial!
  5. The course
  6. The handicap mark

Now, let’s learn more about these factors.

The actual going!

During the cold months of winter, the going plays a role in the winning horse. Very few horses can run during harsh, severe conditions. This is because most horses want the best surfaces to show some action. And, when the ground gets more robust, not all will excel. To make a smart choice, you need to go through the results seen on the previous day. If it is testing, this kind of research can give you some favourable results. 

The Distance!

Another prominent factor that needs to be focused on before you make a choice would be the distance. This is how most winners deduce on their horse! Whether there are obstacles or if the surface is flat, horses always limit the range they can cover. Once this distance is reached, their stamina starts to wear away. To ensure that you make a winning bet, you need to pick a horse with more strength. This way, you will have a better chance of reaping the rewards.

According to experts, this might be one of the most significant and most prominent factors in this list! The pedigree used by the horse comes with significant bearing. If you are the first-timer, the lineage will define its stamina and the time they need to reach a peak. As you get deep into the sport, you need to focus on the horse breed and the kind of pedigree used. If the horse is a maiden, it can give you lots of details on the short and long term clues. 


A horse cannot win if it doesn’t have a secure connection with the jockey, and the actual owner. The relationship between the twosomes and threesomes can change the gameplay. Some links will be able to win individual races and venues. The same holds good for owners too. So, you need to understand more about the jockey, his experience and how well he bonds with the horse – to decide if they are a winning pair.

Course form

Some horses are firmly bound to the racecourse. This means they will not be able to excel in some other racecourse. A reason behind this dependency would be the unique qualities of the racecourse. Whenever a horse returns to its favourite racetrack, you will see a sharp improvement in its game!

Handicap mark

Our last item on this list would be the handicap mark. The moment a horse races its peak, at the handicaps – they start to struggle against heavy horses. This is when their mark begins to slow down. As a result, they become less competitive. And, this is more or less a pattern in all races. Thus, going through previous races and analyzing the horse rating allows you to make a more solid bet on the right horse. 

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