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On this page, you’ll find Racing UK Tips, both for today and tomorrow. We have chosen to list the best platforms for free horse racing tips in the UK. By offering two platforms that are free and also of value, you do not have to chase new racing tips continually.

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Instead, you can relax and wait for various racing tips to come to your mailbox. Today’s horse racing tips are open to all, and as we mentioned before, these platforms are entirely free to use. All that is required is that you fill in your email and username.

Then you have free horse racing tips for the rest of your life! Which is also of value, as all of these racing tips come from proven tipsters. They pick out a couple of racing tips from various tipsters who have done well lately.

Free Horse Racing Tips

Here you will find free horse racing tips from three different racing tips services that we consider to be of value. We have ranked these based on how useful their free racing tips are, along with a return of investment. We update the Return of investment once a month.

Free UK Tips from Platforms
Return of investment: 21,38%
Cost: Free
Type: Platform

Tipster platform that gives out free racing tips to everyone. They also have paid services and other free racing services.
Betting Gods
Return of investment: 16,44%
Cost: Free
Type: Platform

Tipster platform that gives out free racing tips to everyone. They also have paid services and other free racing services.

Today’s horse racing tips

Many who play on horse racing are looking for today’s horse racing tips. It can be helpful to get some free tips when betting on sports. After all, it is a phenomenon that has grown explosively in recent years. If you are looking for today’s horse racing tips, you are looking for tipsters.

picture of a calender for todays horse racing tips.

Tipsters are something that has become very popular. It is merely about individuals giving expert advice. Usually, it costs a few pounds to follow these racing tips. However, there are a lot of free racing tipsters as well. It simply depends.

The most common thing is that various Tipster issues horse racing tips the same day, but some give tips for tomorrow or several days ahead. It simply depends on what the chosen tipster has for methods. We have chosen to rank a couple of tipsters that we consider to be of value.

Racing tips UK

All platforms and tipsters here on our Racing Tips UK only publish racing tips in the UK. The reason is that the UK has the most abundant quantity. Most professionals, therefore, turn to race tips the UK. Then, they know that amount and demand are great.

Below you will find a variety of professional horse racing tips that we believe are valuable. However, these cost money per month. This is very common when it comes to tipsters, unfortunately. However, there are some discounts and trials, which can be useful to use if you feel a little uncomfortable with paying for racing tips.

Best Horse Racing Tipsters
Bet Alchemist
£1 Trial (30 Days)
Return of investment: 26,34%
£30 per month
Return of investment: 23,88%
Cost: £29 per month
Type: Tipster

Quentin Franks Racing
Return of investment: 14,88%
Cost: £47 per month
Type: Tipster

Also, the monthly subscription doesn’t really matter when you make a profit. Think about it, let’s say you make £300-350 in profit each month, and then you pay £50 for these tips. After a while, when you feel comfortable, you will make even more money (if you follow the right tipsters, of course).

UK and Irish horse Racing Tips

Thus, most tipsters issue both the UK and Irish horse racing tips. There are also the tipsters who provide racing tips for other countries and events. However, we have mainly chosen to focus on the UK here, which our name implies.

picture of irish man, for uk and irish horse racing tips

However, it should be emphasized that Irish horse racing tips are widespread among most tipsters out there. Most people who publish UK tips have a good peek at Irish horse racing as well.

To think about

It might be good just to follow a few racing tips every day. This way, it is easier to keep track of which horse racing tips give profit and not. I only follow four tipsters—something I’ve been doing for a long time.

By following three to four tipsters, you automatically get a good look at the market and, above all, losses and profits.

You should, therefore, always record your winnings and losses in a separate spreadsheet with each tipster. Then, you should not trust everything you read on the internet.

There are plenty of tipsters who seem to know that their tips are better than they are. Therefore, you must keep track of them.

Avoid scams

We have been following tipsters for several years, which means that we have had several different tipsters and various racing tips in our portfolio for a long time. We have noticed that some tipsters report a little too good results. And above all odds.

It may not matter in a few tips, with overtime, these reports will show a false picture. An example of this is Betting goods.

We chose to stop following Betting gods for a long time because of this. But then we found out that they had done a thorough cleansing and we started following them again. The odds were now correct & we have full confidence in them now.

Using platforms

By using large and established platforms, such as Tipstrr & Betting Gods, you can avoid scams. Especially, Tipstrr, as these are very transparent and objective around various racing tips in the UK. At Tipstrr, anyone can create an account.
Both as Punter and Tipster. The great thing about Tipstrr is that it is a third party that corrects various tips on their site. Thus, no tipster can fill in false results. Instead, it is an automatic system that adjusts all tips. Something that increases transparency. In short, you can say that you can rely on the results at Tipstrr.

Return of investment

When choosing today’s horse racing tips, you should select tips from a tipster who has a good investment return. But how do you know what’s right?

It is usually said that a return of investment above 10% is good. This means that for every £ 10 you bet, you get back £ 1 in the long run, which is accepted. However, many tipsters have Return of Investments between 15-35%, but it usually depends on how long this tipster has been operating.

Usually, it takes a year before you have a proper return of investment. Take Quentin Frank’s racing, for example; he has been active for several years. We measured a return of investment of about 14% on his horse racing tips.

While there are new tipsters that have over 35%.

Which tipster should you follow? Quentin franks, of course. Experience and history decide here. The longer the experience, the lower the risk as long as the chosen horse racing tipster has made a profit.

Strike rate

Another variable that may be good to look at is the Strike rate. Above all, horse racing tips with a high strike rate are usually not as risky. A tipster with a strike rate of 55-60 % will receive frequent winnings compared to a tipster betting on underdogs.

However, it turns out, in a year or two, the strike rate does not necessarily have any major significance. But, you should at least include a tipster with a high strike rate in his portfolio. This can help a lot, especially since there is a risk of playing your entire betting bank if you only have racing tipsters with a low strike rate.

Therefore, one should consider what exactly the strike rate looks like.

How many racing tips are free?

Most of the racing tips are free, however, we list lots of paid services as well.

Why should you pay for racing tips?

The paid tips are usually better than the free tips. The free racing tips that are great, are usually very popular which means that it will be hard to jump on the right odds.

How much does a tipster cost?

Depends, from £5 to 50 per month.

Is it safe to follow free horse racing tips?

Yes, if you choose the platforms on our page its safe.

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